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Jessica Franco and Rich Manley are very passionate about their work. Their commitment drives them to create a business fueled by purpose, knowledge, and a customized approach to treating patients. Their identity, however, was not communicating just how unique their approach really was.


Long Term Thinking

While researching the client’s competition I noticed a very consistently similar almost templatized brand expression of all the chiropractic offices in the area. Our goal from the get-go was to create a brand that was to stand out among the competitive landscape. The identity's function was to attract the ideal audience— an athletic young professional; to reposition the client as an expert with a purpose and to express the values of a holistic approach. And most of all reflect my client’s personality and engage the bystander.

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Back in Balance/

Dr. Jessica Franco,

Dr. Rich Manley

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Creative Direction,




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Who Are You?

Our strategy sessions revealed that our client wanted to share their knowledge with the world, but their communication varied across many different platforms. We had to come up with a consistent way the brand would speak with the audience. 

The Hero Tells the Story of Balance and Harmony

One of the pillars of the practice is the client’s approach to the holistic treatment of the body, that goes beyond chiropractic and relies on pilates, yoga, and massage. The story needed a hero—a simple graphic that could tell that story. I wanted that idea of balance to be evident at a glance.

I envisioned a human body on a journey to balance—a story expressed through geometry that was either on or off balance. The shapes - a circle, a line, and a rectangle became the storytellers.

The logo mark and typography became flexible, the entire system emphasized relationships between separate forms, coming together in harmonious compositions. 


We decided that the physicality of the human body was an important aspect of the brand's identity and a way of attracting an athletic audience. We established a few criteria of photo selection: 1. Photography must always feature a muscular body in motion. 2. It must always communicate health, physical endurance, and balance. 3. Images must serve as an aspiration to achieve stability and strength.


The logo is made up of simple geometric forms that give it a bold presence. The letterforms are always grounded and must communicate stability and balance.

Color Differentiates the Brand

One of the most unexpected ways that we set the brand apart from the wellness sector was through the bold use of color. The client was very adventurous in their choices and referenced an interior design blog that featured a very dynamic and moody space. We adjusted the palette to fit their desired scheme. The overall impression is bold and grounded with good contrasting values that support the narrative of balance and stability.

The Shape Tells a Story

Letter "B" is comprised of a simple circle and three bars and is the foundation of the logo, but can be easily broken apart, and utilized for storytelling purposes in a dynamic and thoughtful way. If the shape is our hero and represents balance, we can pull it apart to show a journey of an off-balanced body or movement and even allude to the skeletal system which serves as a support for our physical bodies. 


Since the logo is geometric and bold, and the story of journey to achieve balance can be told through many flexible elements, we were able to use the kit of parts throughout many brand touchpoints without appearing boring. The brand is identifiable through color and graphic elements without the logo having to do all of the heavy lifting.

Social Media

We developed a social media strategy that combined uplifting and motivational messaging with real wellness advice.

We’re not just a business, we’re doctors with a mission–engaged and devoted to your health and well-being on and off the track.

Jessica Franco and Rich Manley, Owners of Back in Balance Chiropractic

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