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The Marine Mammal Center


Festival Design Concept

Project Scope

Art Direction

Brand Development


Audiotype is a concept for a two day music and type festival that propels new media art, typography and electronic music into public's attention. It also allows a platform for experimentation through a series of workshop where the audience can test the boundaries of their creativity, or play and explore the newest digital tools.


The brand identity is built with dynamic type, stark images and colorful shapes. It is inspired by digital graphics, distortion, agitation of shape and movement, yet is stable enough to communicate information clearly.

4464_001_00_Marine Mammal 5787 Hires_11x17.jpg
4464_001_00_Marine Mammal 5803 Hires_11x17.jpg
4464_001_00_Marine Mammal 5837 Hires_11x17.jpg
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