Studio O+A: Food for Thought Book

Food for Thought Truck book was part road trip diary, part process manual for the project that has taken the team of O Plus A talent to sometimes unexpected places, spreading the gospel of design. This mobile lab on wheels reached towns like Bakersfield (California) for several days of reimagining the town. From workshops to social gatherings, the project attracted a small crowd of townspeople ready to roll up their sleeves and change their surroundings. The team made benches, sidewalk murals, and dreamed of the future with skate parks and an open-air cinema. 

In all of these places visited like LA, San Jose and Freemont, the designers were met with curiosity, joy, and the spirit of collaboration.

The book with the account of the journeys is available on Amazon



Designed @ Studio O+A

Design Direction:
Elizabeth Vereker

Verda Alexander

Project Scope

Book Design

Artifice Press, London


Elexa Henderson