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Verda Alexander, Kristina Cho, Nikki Hall, Marbel Calderon, Paulina McFarland, Al McKee, Chase Lunt, George Craigmyle, Elizabeth Vereker, Liliana Lewicka, Rachelle Meneses, Lisa Bieringer

Elexa Henderson 

"Part social outreach program, part design crusade, part radical art lab, the truck’s itinerary is project-driven, exploring how design can be a force for good, particularly in localities where it hasn’t been a factor."-Al McKee, Head Writer at Studio O+A

This project was born at Studio O+A with the founder Verda Alexander's unexpected idea of taking design on the road. It manifested her desire to bring design practice and thinking to the world and into areas that desperately needed it with a slew of social engagement projects. 

Nervy was responsible for creating a flexible graphic system that was both playful, mysterious, and surreal. It needed to communicate the transient nature of the project and pique the interest of bystanders while on the road. 

The design lab itself was a repurposed food truck that was retrofitted to house art supplies, collapsable seating, and modular furniture for ad-hoc projects and gatherings across American towns. It took a team of architects, interior designers, fabricators, and materials reps to bring the project to fruition. 

Once constructed, the truck set out on a journey to several locations like Bakersfield, LA, San Jose, Freemont to create site-specific projects and installations from pop shops to guerilla campaigns. FFTT group also worked with a nonprofit Public Space Authority, dedicated to reviving underused public space through artistic and architectural interventions. 

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