A Taste of Mexico in the Heart of Bangkok


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Mexico is a country of rich cultural heritage that spans some13,000 thousand years since it was first a home to complex indigenous civilizations. With its brilliant colors, striking architecture, and most importantly rich cuisine, it is a place that imprints in memory more as a feeling than just an image. The passion and flavor of Mexican cuisine are rooted in that deep tradition and in the care people take to perfect ingredient combinations and master the execution. 


That is why one Ex-Pat Lisa Saldana’s vision for the Tacos and Salsa restaurant was to bring traditional Mexican cuisine to Bangkok. Teamed up with her partner Bo Burritos, a Thai chef who is a true master at her craft, they bring that magical flavor of authentic Mexican cuisine to the bustling Sukhumvit area. 

As part of the rebranding effort, we wanted to communicate the traditional quality of tasty food front and center. The name La Tradicional brings to mind the nostalgia of the family table and gathering amongst people closest to you in comfort and security.

We wanted the restaurant to engage the visitor with all of the senses, and create an atmosphere of joyous comfort. As a celebration of Mexican tradition, we created a layered collage look that honors the dichotomy of this rich culture. The folklore is woven into the fabric of this modern city and creates an unforgettable ambiance that stays with you forever.


From Our Home To Your Table 

Rooted in Mexican Tradition and History

Since the owners are creatives, and one is a classically trained artist, they had spent hours lovingly decorating and painting murals inside the restaurant, so their place felt and looked truly like a charming small taqueria transported from Mexico to Thailand. These beautiful hand-painted walls adorned with images of Luchadores, Frida Khalo, and Mariachi musicians served as an inspiration for the gritty layered look and feel. The visual layering blended Mexican iconic imagery with powerful color palettes, and the bold type supported the design. The overall design communicated the many flavors of the country’s culture.


Weaving in the Bangkok Narrative

One of the most noticeable and striking objects we noticed when arriving in Bangkok were the intricate floral arrangements known as Phuang Malai. This rich tradition of creating highly complex garlands dates back to the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), and was absorbed in the Rattakonsin Era as an important ceremonial object. You can find these on all shrines and temples, as well as markets and streets as part of the Thai landscape. These sculptural flower arrangements became a way for us to weave in Thai history into the look and feel of the restaurant and allowed us to marry both traditions visually.

Can PSD Mockup.jpg

Logo and Tagline 


For the main logotype, we decided to use The Beatcher, a modern and slightly distressed font that is perfect for strong grounded designs, yet has an approachable, hand-made quality. The mission of the business is "To bring traditional Mexican home cooking to Thailand" so our main tagline became From our home to your table / De nuestro hogar a tu mesa which reflected the home cooking aspects of the cuisine. We developed seven secondary interchangeable taglines that could be used on a variety of posters and promotional items to communicate the eclectic/romantic feel of the restaurant: Champions of love (Defensores del amor) / Spice of Life (Sabor a la vida) / Song and laughter (Música y risa) / Rich tradition (Riqueza cultural) / Cuisine with a punch (Gastronomía con golpe) / Diabolical taste (Sabor diabólico) / Dangerous flavors (Sabores peligrosos)

We used these secondary messaging on a variety of supplementary touchpoints from stickers and T-Shirts to truck signage. The overall project's mission was to showcase the colorful and layered history and tradition and combine it with a bold contemporary style.