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The Art of Charcuterie 

Project Scope

Brand Identity

Le Marbre ( Eng. Marble) is a French boutique deli that specializes in premium quality charcuterie. The meat used to produce salamis and deli products is organic, grass-fed and indeed very special.

The design objective was to differentiate the brand from similar offerings and to show the superior quality of the product by creating a look that communicates artistry and exclusivity. We wanted to create a product that felt handmade, something you gift with a splendid bottle of wine.


We designed a minimalist logo, as if for a perfume bottle, which elevates the brand to a boutique level. The packaging is inspired by the traditional Japanese paper marbling technique—resulting in a painterly effect, that takes real skill, and control, much like the product. The patterns evoke delicious swirls of fat, meat, and spices mingling together into flavorful perfection. Each wrapper is unique and special thus setting it apart from the expected over-stylized packaging of many cured meat products.

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