Design | Production 

A Historic Move Necessitates a Dramatic Revamp


Concept, graphic and environmental design, production, vendor coordination.

Primo Orpilla, Perry Stephney, Elizabeth Vereker, Tari Pelaez, Alex Bautista,
Paulina McFarland, Jill Gentles, Donald Koide, Kristina Cho

Best Of Year 2018 for Extra Large Office
Best Of Year 2018 for Branding and Graphics: Environmental 
ADC Bronze Cube for Spatial Design

Garrett Rowland

The mission of the project was to create a space that honored the company and was a reflection of the brand that is embedded in the American lifestyle and tradition, yet evolving and looking into the future.


Studio O+A developed a strong narrative that was based on the nostalgia of childhood and united the audience around a single memory of a road trip across the American landscape. The moment when one sees the yellow arches off to the side of the highway, the speed, the open road, the appetite for the familiar food staples are all images we can easily recall. Once you step into a McDonald's you are immediately in a place that is both familiar and comforting—a single experience that many Americans share. The designers capitalized on the subconscious connection to the brand and elevated the experience of space and graphics to match the luxurious Chicago West Loop space.

Burger Deconstructed

Once you enter the Hamburger University lobby, you can experience custom wall graphics. that span the stairway. My inspiration for the wallpaper design came from the processes and ingredients of fast food. The pattern is a geometric deconstruction of a burger and all ingredients and techniques that are a part of its creation. From grill marks to sesame seeds, the shapes and colors always reference this classic staple in McDonald’s menu.

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Creative Direction/ 

Elizabeth Vereker


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Chicago, IL

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A Cheerful Keepsake

 Vintage McDonald's ads were an inspiration for this monument to childhood nostalgia that occupies the second floor of the HQ building. Designed as a penny press this millwork clad wall houses five machines that spit out penny pressed keepsakes. Each pressed penny has a different design that embodies the spirit of the company. Role: Concept, design, production, vendor coordination.



18-0213 HU Stair Wall A Elevation 3_16 s

Global Flavors

This vibrant wall of flip disks with depictions of global menu items and recipes pays tribute to many delicious offerings in restaurants all over the world from India to France. Role: production, vendor coordination.

Packaging Wall

Over a hundred resin cast Mcdonald’s packages make this installation a tribute to McDonald’s happy meal packaging. Role: Design support, production and vendor coordination. 

The Story of Farming on a Global Scale

This abstract wall depicts aerial views of McDonald’s crops and symbolizes the economic relationships of this global brand with many nations producing its food. Role: Partial design, production preparation.

The Joy of Childhood

The toy wall was an extremely production heavy and intricate piece of millwork that serves as a testament to successful team coordination. The inspiration was drawn from Mcdonald’s kids play spaces which were studied and deconstructed to serve as a custom made cabinet for hundreds of happy meal toys. Role: concept, production, design with Elizabeth Vereker

The Joy of Childhood

A timeline of a customer’s journey. Role: design, production and vendor coordination

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