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The Seven Year Itch


Nervy Design

Project Scope

Art Direction

Brand Refresh

Every design studio undergoes an evolution-ours happens around a seven year mark, seven being a magical number here at Nervy. 

With this rebrand, our main objective was to succinctly express our core values and identity, our design temperament, the love of typography and appreciation of strong geometric shapes. 

The resulting identity is impactful yet playful, layered yet to the point-all of the things we stand for but were hard to articulate in earlier versions of our brand. We simply had to get here, and become comfortable in our own skin.


We put ourselves through our own rigorous branding process—and damn! it wasn't easy—but we arrived at an identity that feels Nervy to the core-and now we can quite literally wear our heart on our sleeve.


We synthesize and capture your brand potential.

We love to work with brands that do good and are fearless to the bone. We look for your potential—that special core that makes your brand cool, bold, real and a little bit weird (weird is good around here!). We push and stretch, experiment and strategize, so our clients discover that unique brew that only fits their brand. Next we filter it, synthesize it, and capture the essence. We bottle your potential so you can unleash it onto the world with the highest possible impact.


And we are always grateful for the chances our clients take on us and the never ending joyride that is bold design- the fuel to our purpose in the world.


Let's raise our glasses to the next seven!

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