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Hello! We are Nervy, a smulti-disciplinary design studio in Oakland, CA. 

We work with a variety of clients who want to push the boundaries of craft and creativity. We specialize in bold and dynamic brand experiences, packaging, and environmental design. Our motto: To design with gusto.

Meaningful storytelling is what makes a brand great.

We dive deep and extract the most meaningful and true attributes of your brand. When we write a brand narrative, our language is passionate and clear to inspire your audience. Our goal for our clients is to build memorable brand experiences that resonate deeply and gain not just followers but brand ambassadors.

Strategy is the compass­ and without it, you are lost.

Even though our name has an attitude, we prefer that our design work is informed by collaborative research rather than hasty decisions. We rely on the information you give us, so we can take the guesswork out of the equation. We conduct workshops and brand exercises to extract your voice, story, and vision, which drives our design.


Sustainable practices are the standard.

We champion sustainability design models and see design as a tool of action to build a more equitable society. We use environmentally friendly materials and sustainable packaging in our branding projects.


Mapping the Collaborative Branding Process

Our goal is to demystify the branding process, and that is why we clearly map out each step of the journey, without surprises or big reveals. We value methodical and informed progress that gets you from point A—to—Z, with frequent check-ins and clear communication on both sides. Our clients are collaborators who can provide us with a goldmine of information, so we can guide and advise on what is best for your brand. 

Phase 01 Discovery

In this phase, we explore your existing business in depth. This is when we ask a lot of questions, conduct workshops and reevaluate any existing branding you may have. 

Phase 02  

This phase is the foundation of the branding process. At this stage we identify your core values, establish the brand’s personality, and identify your target audience. In this phase we also clarify the project goals and your vision for the future.

Phase 03  

A logo is not your brand, but it falls under the deliverables that will come out of this phase, along with typography, color and other parts of the system that will become the face of your brand in the world.

Phase 04  

This is the launch of your new brand in the physical, and digital realm. We will start with a long awaited physical manifestation of your brand: a business card, a website and a variety of other deliverables specific to your needs.
For signage and installation work, this marks the production and vendor coordination phase.

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September 2020 // Fast Company // McDonald’s Innovation Center

January 2021 // Metropolis Magazine // A Toolkit for the Times

September 2020 // Fast Company // McDonald’s Innovation Center

September 2020 // Metropolis Magazine // A Toolkit for the Times

April 2020 // Metropolis Magazine // McDonald’s Innovation Center 

March 2020 // Contract Magazine // LiveRamp

February 2020 // Seattle Times // McDonald’s HQ

January 2020 // Chicago Tribune // McDonald’s HQ 

January 2020 // OfficeLovin // LiveRamp 

January 2020 // Dexigner // LiveRamp 

May 2019 // // Food For Thought Truck

May 2019 // // Food For Thought Truck

April 2019 // Naver in Korea // McDonald’s HQ and Uber

March 2019 // Architect Magazine // McDonald’s HQ

March 2019 // Contract Magazine // Food For Thought Truck

March 2019 // dezeen // McDonald’s HQ

March 2019 // ArchDaily // McDonald’s HQ

March 2019 // Fast Company // McDonald’s HQ

March 2019 // Designboom // McDonald’s HQ

February 2019 // Interior Design Magazine // McDonald’s HQ

February 2019 // Hospitality Design // McDonald’s HQ


@Studio O+A:


Sapphire Ventures



Oracle Corporation


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Cambridge Associates

Greylock Associates
Johns Hopkins University
University of Delaware


* Complete list of clients available upon request

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