Hat Shoppe


Rumours Hat Shoppe / Sally Mundy, Owner


Project Scope

Creative Direction


"How a hat makes you feel, is what a hat is all about."
- Philip Treacy 

Nervy was approached to create a logo and a brand identity for a store in Champaign, Illinois. The owner, Sally, is herself dapper and creatively attuned so the look and feel had to be modern, slick and elegant. 

The solution was to create a tension between an old era etching style and a clean modern type. The overall look and feel is sophisticated and slightly retro. 


"...It was amazing to see how Paulina translated our conversations and my vision for the brand into something better than I could have ever imagined on each occasion. She also helped me set up a website and did so in a way that I am now able to easily edit the content when needed. Paulina’s work and our conversations helped me visualize a strategy for the businesses. ...I would never have completed these projects without Paulina and I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough."
-Sally Mundy, Owner of Rumours Hat Shoppe